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Questions and Answers

What is the a good security camera?

I need to know a brand of a good security camera.
I want one that will hook up to the TV. With 4 - 8 camera set around the house and yard.

Also maybe one for the front Gate that can move so you can see who is there

Any suggestions?
And the price range?

Posted by Fred
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Panasonic BB-HCM701A Network Security Camera - H.264/MPEG-4
Panasonic BB-HCM701A Network Security Camera
The Panasonic BB-HCM701A Network Security Camera corresponds well to JPEG System, MPEG-4 System (which has a high image compression rate and so is suitable for monitoring any moving image) and H.264 System which is higher in image compression rate than MPEG-4 System. With the Panasonic BB-HCM701A Network Security Camera, a simple mouse operation is all you need to enlarge the image, using the 3x digital zoom, so you get a clear view of your pet's expression. When BB-HCM701 senses or detects any sound or shock happening around the camera, this camera is designed to take a picture of anything relevant and temporarily save the relevant picture image. Order your Panasonic BB-HCM701A Network Security Camera today!

What It Is and Why You Need It:
3x Digital zoom function
Compact Size and Good Conformity with the Ceiling
Sound Detection & Shock Detection Sensor
Camera Specs
Cameras Included1
Camera TypeIP
Camera StyleDome
Camera PlacementIndoor
Camera AudioYes


Neighbours security cameras?

Is there any way I can jam or disable my neighbours security cameras from filming my property. I feel like I live in a prison as my every movement is on their cameras.

Posted by qwerty
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1 ways that are leagle

Get a strong IR illumination and point them at the camera this will disable them at night,

not a lot you can do for the daytime.

But im sure there not using to look or spy on you it will be for security.

A common misconception about CCTV cameras is that there being watched. There not they record the video and overwrite it every 5-30 days. Cameras are only looked at (usually) when there is an event such as break and enter. Also they more then likely have a wide angle lens which means there not getting any detail more then 10 feet away. No sits and watches the cameras they are only used when there is an event. So relax I doubt the cameras have nothing to do with you.

The only way its illegal is if they can see inside your windows.

I would not worry about it, if it really bugs you talk to your nigher or build a bigger fence.

Anyone know pricing on security camera install?

I want to have 4 security cameras installed in a store but am not sure how much to pay someone to do it does anyone know what a decent amount to pay is? Its a 4 camera system that is wired and a computer that needs to be installed and setup any prices will be helpful. Thanks,
Well thanks for the thorough answer but what I meant was how much is a decent amount to pay for the installation of a four camera wired system? I already have the cameras I just want them installed but dont want to low ball the person he is charging me $250 right now but i told him i was shopping around still i think hell do it for $200?

Posted by MAKAVELI
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With camera and survelience systems, you get what you pay for. Generally, the more you pay, the better features you get, and the more reliability. I would expect to pay at least $3k for a basic system. Here are some pointers:

1. Unless you just want the cameras for show, don't go with an off the shelf system like you can get at Costco or Sam's Club.

2. Don't do business with any company that hasn't been selling/installing cameras for at least four years. Ask for references.

3. Don't buy a Windows based camera system. Get one that is optimized for Camera usage. Many camera systems these days are based on custom implementations of Linux - a far better solution than Windows.

4. Don't cheap out on camera's. Good cameras + good recorder = better results. A camera system won't do you any good if you can't identify the people/cars/etc that your trying to record.

5. Buy a system that can handle at least 4 camera's more than you need right now. It is easier and less expensive in the long run to grow a system by just adding camera's than it is to replace the recorder.

6. Don't pay for your system and installation all at once. Have your purchase and installation contract broken down into stages - something like 25% deposit with order, 25% on delivery, 25% on installation and 25% due within 30 days of commissioning. Otherwise you could run into a situation where the camera company closes it's doors, or runs off with your money. I've seen this happen more than once.

I spent four years with a company that sold camera's and recording equipment as a side line. We were rather expensive compared to some of our competitors, because our main focus was another product line. However, on more than one occasion, people who went with the lowest bid often ended up coming to us for help upgrading or replacing their systems because of their good experiences with our other equipment. I saw more than one customer have the camera guy do a partial installation, then take off with the rest of the money, leaving the customer with no camera system. I also saw several customers get disgusted with their Windows based systems and either replace them entirely, or just stop using them at all.

Addressing your clarification: in my mind, $250 for installing the cameras is not only reasonable, it's extremely cheap. Most installers I'm aware of charge an average of between $50 and $125 an hour (depending upon your area). Depending upon the layout of the cameras and construction details of your building, I would figure an hour or two per camera, plus an hour or two to set up the recorder. My old company would have charged a minimum of $500 for the install, our typical install fee was $1500. Remember that iinstalling the cameras is more than just running the wires and mounting the cameras. It is also making sure they're pointed in the right directions, focused well, etc. Good luck.

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